All our foot treatments include CND Vinylux application, which consists of two thin coats of the all-in-one base and colour and one coat of a top coat for a gel-like finish. You can upgrade to CND Shellac for an additional price. Check our Addon Service section for further details.

Shape & Polish

In a hurry and in a need for a quick fix? Book our Nail Shape & Polish treatment! It is an inexpensive, but very effective way to transform your nails in no time.

Our nail technicians will file your nails to your preferred shape, before applying a neutral base coat followed by a transparent topcoat. These additional layers will help protect your nails and seal your chosen colour for tougher durability.

Book our feet beauty treatments in Chelmsford, Essex to make your feet pleasing.

File, Shape & Polish
Shellac Removal & Tidy

Express Pedicures

In a rush, but still would like your hands to look great? Drop in for an Express Pedicure.

Our highly skilled nail technicians treatment gently buffs and files your nails to your desired shape before cleansing and soaking them in water. Following this, each cuticle is tidied and pushed back gently, creating a neat aesthetic.

Finally, the varnish is applied in a colour of your choice. Your chosen hue will be applied between a base coat and a top coat, to increase its durability and to protect your nails.

Express Pedicure 30

Deluxe / Luxury Pedicures

Soothe, relax and indulge with our Luxury Pedicure treatments. This is our top pedicure services that include all the services from our Express Pedicure, as well as exfoliation, mask, moisture and protection for your hands. You can choose from one fo the followings services:

  • Our Hot Booties Luxury Pedicure opens up the pores, allowing for better absorption of masks, creams and gels and in turn ensuring a soft, hydrated skin finish.
  • Our Luxury Pedicure with Paraffin Wax utilises the healing properties of Paraffin Wax to give you relief from stiff joints and result in soft and supple skin whilst locking in natural moisture.
Deluxe Pedicure (Mask & Hot Boots)
Luxury Pedicure (Paraffin Wax)

Add-on Sevices

Our addon Pedicure Services gives you the flexibility to build your own package. You can add any of the following services to our nail treatments.

  • CND Shellac Nail Color system includes one thin layer of base coat and two layers of colour coat and finishes with one layer of top coat for a chip resistant and long lasting nail colour.
  • IBX treatment improves nail growth and makes your nail plate stronger.
  • Shellac removal treatment may also be required for the above treatments.
  • Shellac Repair treatment may also be required for the above treatments.
Add a CND Shellac Application
Add an IBX Nails Treatment
Add Shellac Removal
Add Nail Repairs
From £3.00